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Construction Materials Testing Services

1317 Canyon Court

Bossier City, LA 71111

Phone: 318.752.6605

American Testing Lab, LLC understands most issues associated with the projects of our clients, especially the concerns of prime consultants on projects that are fast-tracked and of large scale and complexity. The components of a successful contract include utilizing personnel who are qualified/certified, cross-trained and experienced in the required tasks, providing a quality service and providing these services in a timely fashion as dictated by our client. All of these components must work in harmony for any project to be successfully completed.

At American Testing Lab, LLC, we believe quality is a process, not a destination, and we work to learn from our mistakes and imitate our successes. Our goal for quality performance is to provide professional services of such quality that our clients receive superior value and our employees grow and share in our firm’s success. The quality of work we perform is reflected in the large number of r epeat clients whose confidence we appreciate.

American Testing Lab, LLC’s construction services can contribute to quality for a variety of projects. Our services will be provided on a call-out basis from our office, conveniently located in Bossier City and we are dedicated to quality project testing. Our laboratory offers a wide variety of construction materials testing capabilities which support all of our field-testing services. Our laboratory can also retain specialized testing services performed by outside agencies, above our qualified scope, as necessary, to meet our client’s needs and specifications.

As an extension of your personnel, we are able to anticipate and provide services to your specific needs without being asked. We will provide:

  • Timely Service. We are committed to timely service and strive to submit our work product on schedule.
  • Reliability. We are committed to providing reliable and accurate test results and work products that are unmatched in our local industry.
  • Communication. We will maintain a constant level of communication so that you, as our client, are always informed about your project status and test results. We will work hand in hand with you to complete your various projects.
  • Cross-Training. Our personnel are cross-trained in more than one service area, adding to our ability to provide the depth of qualified and technical staff required for your projects.
  • Quality. The quality of our service will meet or exceed your expectations for the project.

Concrete Testing Services

  • Mix design design verification
  • Strength testing compression and flexural
  • Coring and evaluation of cores
  • Field testing and documenting
  • In-situ evaluation
  • Reinforcement observation and reporting
  • Post Tension Elongation observations, measurements, and reporting
  • Floor Flatness evaluation
  • Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete testing and reporting
  • Aggregate testing and reporting


  • Soil density testing
  • Soil lime stabilization testing, observations and reporting
  • Soil cement stabilization testing, observations and reporting
  • Asphalt Laboratory testing services
  • Field testing and observations
  • Concrete pavement testing and reporting

Soils & Foundations

  • Geo technical exploration and soil borings (performed by a subcontractor)
  • Laboratory testing and analysis
  • Field testing: observations and quality control (compaction)
  • Cement and Lime stabilization observation and reporting
  • Deep foundations (auger cast, drill piers, helical piers, driven pile) testing and installation observation and reporting
  • Footing and sub-grade observations and reporting

Specialty Testing

  • Floor flatness profiling
  • Sprayed fire resistive materials testing
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Load tests
  • Failure Investigations

Past Projects


Benteler Steel and Tube Mill - Caddo Bossier Port, LA


Pratt Industries, WWTP - Caddo Bossier Port, LA


City of Ruston - Sports Complex - Ruston, LA 

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